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What to expect from this website? And what’s in the name?

We are all ambitious junior scientists who love neuroscience and are fascinated by the complexity of the brain. We understand there is so much to learn and that the field is always expanding, so why not have a little fun with knowledge dissemination! We have a 'neurdy' friendship that started by studying together during our undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Carleton University. As our academic and career pathways have changed after graduation, we decided to keep our Neurd passions alive by creating a platform to share our knowledge, opinions, experiences, and questions that intrigue us. So, we started this website!

What should you expect to see on this website? As junior scientists, we want to share our own research with you, as well as translate some of the technical articles that we find interesting along the way. We will also share some of the struggles we have had (or are currently going through), as undergraduate or graduate students, with the hopes of helping others. All while providing some study tips or links to some resources that we think may be helpful to other students as well.

The topics we choose will include not only the brain but the spinal cord and the gut as well (some people call our gut the second brain!).

We also see this website as an opportunity to grow academically. We know we are not experts. However, we know that knowledge communication is a crucial part of the scientific journey, so we have put our time, energy, and hearts into this project.

So, what’s in the name? "It's all in your head." You have probably said or heard this before. Sometimes we feel sick, anxious, or in pain, without any apparent reason. If someone tells you “it’s all in your head; you’re fine”, they are not completely wrong. A lot of things are somewhere in our head but just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it any less real. There is so much that we still don’t know.

Here we are, just a few Neurds, trying to figure out what's "all in your head".

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