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I hate to start this like an email but here I go…

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself!

I completed my Honours BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health at Carleton University in Spring 2021. Since then, I have temporarily dodged going back to school and have been working in Ottawa, Ontario, allowing myself to gain experience and attempt to grow my pocketbook an inch.

Currently, I’m balancing being a Medical Scribe and Clinical Research Assistant. I am fortunate enough to be learning from healthcare professionals in multiple emergency departments who have inspired me to become a clinician myself someday.

In between checking to ensure I have no conflicts in my schedule, I'm on the hunt for a new location/cafe to work in. I've decided that each of my posts will be written with a different overpriced drink in hand. I hope to create a discussion highlighting the exciting research being done in neuroscience, please join in! 

Shaugnessy cafe_edited_edited.jpg
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